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Get to know your ‘smart holiday plan’ – up, close and personal

Citrus Check-Inns introduces a unique & relatively new concept called Flexi-Stay, for savvy travelers like you. Obviously, there
will be questions and we have the answers to them all, right here.

  • What is Flexi-Stay?

    Flexi-Stay is an evolved 'holiday ownership' concept which gives you the freedom to holiday in any season, for any reason and at any location you want. Be it a pilgrimage, leisure or business trip, your plan will always provide you with a suitable & delightful accommodation.

  • What are Flexi-Points?

    As an esteemed Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay member, you will receive an annual allocation of points called 'Flexi-Points' which can be exchanged for holiday accommodations at any of our hotels/ resorts or can be redeemed at our Group Food & Beverage outlets across India. Redemption of points can be done once a plan holder has completed their payments.

  • What are the major benefits of Flexi-Stay?

    Flexi-Stay empowers you to holiday as you please. You decide how, where & when to use your Flexi-Points. You can choose from a wide range of Indian & International destinations and the duration of your holiday can range from one evening to one month.

  • What are the different Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay Plans?

    Citrus Check Inns currently offers 5 Flexi-Stay plans – Relax, Refresh, Lemon Fresh, Orange Rejuvenate & Rejoice. The Flexi-Points allocated per year vary in each plan. You can contact us for more details; we would be delighted to take you through the plans.

  • What do I get to own?

    As a privileged Flexi-Stay plan holder, you will have easy access to an 'Integrated Hospitality Solution'. You would be gifting yourself the freedom to holiday at your own will and at the same price for years to come.

  • How will I know how many points I am entitled for?

    On joining Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay, you will receive a mail providing you with your login ID and password, so that you can check out your plan details. We will also present you a welcome kit that would contain your entitlement certificate mentioning your contact details, certificate number, plan type, validity & Flexi-Points allocated per year.

  • When can I start using my Flexi-Points?

    It depends on the EMI plan chosen by you, as explained in the chart. Don't worry; we will let you know when you can start using your Flexi-Points.

    Flexi-Points After 30 days of realisation of payment
    6 Months After realisation of DP & 2 EMIs
    12 Months After realisation of DP & 4 EMIs
    24 Months After realisation of DP & 7 EMIs
    36 Months After realisation of DP & 9 EMIs
    48 Months After realisation of DP & 11 EMIs
  • Should my holiday reservation be made well in advance?

    To help us serve you better, we suggest that you place a request at least 45 days before your holiday check-in date. This increases the probability of reserving your desired holiday accommodation.

  • How do I book my holidays?

    HC: Holiday bookings have never been this easy. You can either…

    1) login to our website using your ID & password or

    2) fax or Email us your holiday request or

    3) call our Customer Connect Associates on our helpline numbers.

    An acknowledgement of your request shall be sent on your registered email ID, followed by a confirmation.

  • How do I utilize my Flexi-Points?

    You can utilize your points to book your accommodation or use those points towards your ASF Payments.

  • How will I know if my holiday booking is confirmed?

    Once your request is accepted and we have made all the arrangements to host you, your holiday will be confirmed. You shall receive your confirmation voucher on your registered email ID from our service desk. We suggest adding us to your email contacts, so that you don't lose our mail in the junk box.

  • When are my Flexi-Points credited?

    Your Flexi-Points will be credited on the 1st day of your purchase month each year. For example, if your entitlement certificate states that you purchased 210 points on 15th April; your points account will be credited with 210 points on 1st April each year till the duration of your plan.

  • How long are my points valid for?

    Your points are valid for 3 years and you can accumulate point’s equivalent to a maximum of 21 Room Nights.

  • How do I know the status of my Flexi-Points?

    Citrus operates on a state-of-the-art, user-friendly software called Hermis. Login to our website with the user ID and password provided & check all details of your account like balance points, request status etc.

  • Are there any Blackout Periods?

    Yes. You can holiday any time of the year excluding the 'blackout weeks' of your plan which are highlighted on our website. Otherwise, reservations are accepted on a 'first come - first serve' basis. So, the earlier you book, the more likely you are to get your preferred choice of holiday.

  • Can I cancel a booked holiday?

    Cancelling a well-planned holiday would be disappointing. But in unavoidable circumstances, if you do have to cancel or reschedule your vacation, it should be done at least 10 days before check-in. In this, all your points shall be recredited; failing which all relevant points shall be treated as utilised.

  • What if I don't have any Flexi-Points left?

    That shouldn't be a problem; you can always borrow points from next year's quota.

  • Can I upgrade my plan?

    We would love to offer you amazing holiday experiences for however long you wish. In case you need to increase the tenure of your plan, call our Customer Service team.

  • What if I want additional rooms for relatives or guests?

    We believe in the saying 'Atithi Devo Bhava' and so, your guests will be treated as our guests too. Thanks to Flexi-Stay, you can use more than one room on your holiday. Your Flexi-Points will be utilised according to the number of rooms used and the duration of the stay.

  • Can my friends & family use my Flexi-Points?

    Yes, presenting them with Flexi-Points from your account would be an ideal gifting option. The process is the same as a normal holiday booking.

  • Isn't this like an investment for future holidays?

    Yes it is and certainly, a very wise one. It is an investment in terms of holidays & not for financial gain or income, ensuring that you get holidays at the same price for the next 25 years.

  • How secure is my investment?

    We are part of a diversified Mirah Group, established in 1986. With huge investments in the hospitality industry & other business verticals, we are among India's fastest growing chain of Food & Beverages with over 85 outlets across the country.

  • Can I sell or bequeath my plan?

    There is no restriction on selling or bequeathing your plan. All the points forming the plan go with the plan. Individual points cannot be traded. Transfer will be effective only if all dues are cleared. In case you decide to sell or transfer your plan, contact our Customer Care department and they will complete the formalities in exchange for a nominal fee for sale or transfer.

  • If I encourage my friends to purchase a plan, will I benefit too?

    Most definitely. We would be glad if you could refer your family and friends to us and through our 'member-get-member' scheme, you will be gratified with exciting rewards.

We hope that this interview has answered most of your questions regarding Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay. In case you still
have any unanswered queries, please mail them to customerservice@citruscheckinns.in
Till then, happy holidays!
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