Live it up in Delhi and Gurgaon!

A vibrant melting pot, Delhi is unlike any other city in the world. With its own distinct language made up of Hindi, Punjabi, English and Urdu, there is no doubting the larger than life feel of Delhi.

Delhi is city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India, is a labyrinth of narrow lanes lined with crumbling havelis and formidable mosques.

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Luxury in Gurgaon now has a new address! The new 46 room sprawling property, located in the heart of Gurgaon central, Citrus Gurgaon is truly a sight to behold. Located in the buzzing Millennium City Centre, Citrus hotel Gurgaon offers the dual punch of spoiling luxury with convenience.

Located close to the expressway, the hotel is in close proximity to Signature Tower, Unitech Trade centre and Unitech Business Park. With dynamic service and a host of recreational activities and facilities, Citrus Gurgaon truly offers an experience of true wonder.

Distance from Key Locations
Domestic Airport - 16Kms
International Airport - 14 Kms
Railway Station - 33Kms

Known for its picturesque beaches, about 40 in total, it provides the peace and serenity that just seems like pure bliss after the hectic, maddening city life. The variety of old churches, colonial houses and forts ensure that a tour of Goa is quite an experience.

The mix of Konkani, Portuguese, South Indian and British cuisines makes Goa an unbeatable destination for the palate! Delectable and delicious, Goa has something for all kinds of taste bud. Perfect weather all year round just proves that Goa was always meant to be a tourist hotspot. Being neither too hot, nor too cold, the weather makes for all kinds of tourist activity like swimming, water sports and sun bathing possible.

How can you not think of happening parties and a thriving night life when you think Goa! Offering some of the very best beach parties, Goa urges every visitor to shed their inhibitions and party hard! The beaches, the locales, the structures, the parties. But what really makes Goa a special place, is their free spirit. Nothing is too loud, nothing is too late. It's a place perfect for recharging your senses and spirit.

There's a lot to do in Goa. But you may choose to do none of it! Spend the day lazing by the beach, with a cool drink by your side, or spend the nights dancing at the hottest parties, every moment spent in Goa is special. It's no wonder that 2 million visitors are attracted annually to Goa's balmy shores. modafinil
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