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Nestled in the breathtaking Sahyadri range, Mahabaleshwar is the largest hill station in Maharashtra. Once the summer capital of the Bombay province, it nurtures one of the few evergreen forests in India. Built on a plateau, this hill station is a tourist dream, boasting multiple lookout points overlooking spectacular views and a pleasant climate. Though the weather is cool all year around, March-May is the peak season for visitors.

Today's temperature: 20° C

Citrus Chambers at Mahabaleshwar is a haven for those who like to holiday in the lap of nature in the comfort of our famously high standards of hospitality.

Situated in the heart of the hill station on over 5 acres of century-old heritage land, it is a vintage English villa overlooking a misty valley and of course a rich, portrait-like green forest.

Whether you prefer the rustic pleasures of long walks and communing with nature, treating your taste buds at our vintage restaurant, or the invigorating spa and pool facilities we offer, Citrus Chambers offers a one-of-a-kind Mahabaleshwar experience that you will never forget.

Distance from Key Locations
Pune Airport - 135Kms
Pune Station - 120Kms
Mumbai - 220Kms


City dwellers are especially enamored by the old Shiva temple in the forest from which five rivers originate, including the Krishna, the second longest river of peninsular India. Another must-visit curiosity is an almost 150 year-old water well in the market on the premises of the Library. The well is around 100 feet deep and is still functional, providing water to locals.

Mahabaleshwar is famous for its "points"- vantage locations with incredible views, all named after Raj-era British administrators who discovered them. Since some of these points may offer you the same view, we highly recommend visiting the following spots if you are stretched for time (or just plain choosy!): Lodwick Point, Arthur's Seat, Babington Point, Wilson Point, Kate's Point, Sunset/ Bombay Point, and Elephant's Head Point. The Lingamala Falls is another treasure, and look their best after the Monsoons.


From shopping at the local bazaar to trying your hand at the poker machines, the hill station also offers plenty for travelers who crave a exciting activities during their stay. The beautiful Lake Venna, for example, hosts both boating and horse riding facilities. Similarly, the hills around Mahabaleshwar ensure unlimited options for trekking enthusiasts. Wilson and Kate's points are recommended for the early birds who would like to watch the sunrise, while Bombay and Elphinstone points are renowned for their glorious views of the sunset.

The bazaar in the centre of the town sells everything under the sun- from roasted chickpeas (a local specialty) to traditionally crafted walking sticks- and is a genuine local experience that should not be missed.

Mahabaleshwar is also famous for its food produce - you can choose from strawberries, mulberries, carrots, cherry tomatoes and a variety of other locally grown fresh vegetables, but be prepared to have your mind blown and your taste buds delighted!

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